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Let's Get Thermal!: Continuous Thermal Processing Webinar Series

13 Apr 2021

Continuous Thermal Processing in Action!

See MTI Bioscience systems in action! MTI Bioscience is excited to demonstrate their Continuous Thermal Sterilizers live on Zoom®. Please attend the following free live events on May 5th and 12th at 11 am EST, hosted by Dr. John Miles, President of MTI Bioscience.
     Please register at: https://mtibioscience.com/webinar-registration/

Wednesday, May 5th at 11 am EST: Continuous Thermal Sterilization

Continuous Thermal Sterilization’s constant, gentle thermal exposure yields the highest quality and uniform media, with higher assurance that can be easily scaled up to meet changing demand. Come learn more about this unique process and see a demonstration of our CTS system sterilizing media, with real-time views of touchscreen controls and system capabilities.

Wednesday, May 12th at 11 am EST: Continuous Viral Inactivation

Continuous Viral Inactivation's constant, non-sterilizing thermal exposure inactivates viruses while eliminating handwork and chemical procedures. Come learn about this unique process, its flexibility and capabilities, and see a demonstration, with real-time views of touchscreen controls.

Dr. Miles will be demonstrating this equipment in action and presenting on its benefits, with an opportunity for live discussions and all questions to be answered. Let’s get thermal!

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