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A pipeline of innovative healthcare products to license out in the following areas:

Baby Care

This field relates to typical baby’s needs and Involves what needed for a correct growth in the infant age. Minerals, Microflora against disidratation, bloating, olygoelemental defficiencies. KRONOFER®, IMBRESOL®)

Beauty & Skin

This field includes both beauty and health of skin, strictly related each to the other. Skin is the most large human organ and acts as a barrier. The preventive/supporting actions include the solar protection and hair care. (PROBIsolar)

 Men’s Health

This field relates to typical men’s needs about urogenital tract, Minerals and vitamins . Pathologies are related to prostatic inflammation/irritation, nutrients defficiencies, alopecia.  (PROSTAsupport)

Energy and Immune

This peculiar area includes remedies destined to provide increasing of energy and strenght of the human organism . This supplementation helps to prevent fatigue, seasonal maladies/discomforts, decrease in energetic performance.  (KRONOFER®, IMBRESOL®)

Metabolic Care

The area basically binds to gastrointestinal tract, involved in absorption and distribution of nutrients. It is here needed to improve the ematic control of Cholesterol and Free sugar levels in dismetabolic pathologies like Overweight, Metabolic syndrome and/or Prediabete. (CAPTOCARB®, CAPTOGLICOLIPID®, KAPTuFAT®, CAPTOAPPETIT®)

Oro Pharyngaeal Care

This area relates throat and nose with functions connected to the voice, the ingestion and Breath. Pathological events can be pain, irritation and infections with catarrhal overproduction.(CAPTOMUCIL®, BARRIMUCIL®, BENEFLU®)

Cognitive Care

This area relates the Central nervous system (brain and nerves) and periferal sense organs. Pathologies are related to circadian ryhtm alteration, insomnia, eye defficiency, etc.


Gastrointestinal Care

This area involves stomach, duodenum tenue and gut with functions related to food digestion and adsorption. Pathologies can relate to Gastroesofageal reflux, nausea, hyperacidity, dispepsia, stipsis and diarrhoea. (TAMARACID®, CAPTOGASTRIL®, PSYLLOMINT®, FIBERGONE®, KAPTOFLAT®, CAPTODIARR®, LUBRISMILE®)

Muscoloskeletal Support

This area refers to muscular apparatus (voluntary muscles) of the body and related osteoskeletrical support. Pathologies are the ones affecting motions by pain and effecy (sarcopenia, artritis, etc).(CAPTOXID®, ARTHOS FORTE®)

Oncology Supportive

In this area the supportive contribution can limit the irritation provided by chemiotherapies, preserve from disrupting effects the functionality of specific tissues and reduce psychologic component of nausea and vomit. (XEROSMILE®)

Oral Care

This area specifically involves the mouth and the theets witch functions are related to mastication and correct speaking. Pathologies can refer to carie, halitosis, aphthas and mucosal irritation. (CAPTOCARB Oral®)

Women’s Health

This field relate to Typical women’s needs about urogenital tract, Iron, vitamins and olygoelements related to Pregnancy. Pathologies are related to infections, unbalances and defficiencies in these fields, policystic ovary syndrome, gravidic nausea, fatigue. (UTISMILE®, CAPTOXID®, GLICOSMILE®, BIO C®)

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