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13 Feb 2014

Lilly USA, LLC Launches New Rotation Programme for Medical Students

Lilly USA, LLC has launched a new rotation programme for aspiring physicians. The rotation assignments cut across different aspects of the pharmaceutical company's business — from drug discovery and development to bioethics and patient safety — providing third- and fourth-year medical students a lens into the pharmaceutical industry, its vision and focus on improving patient outcomes.


Students from Tulane University School of Medicine will be the first to participate in the pilot programme at Eli Lilly and Company's Indianapolis headquarters.


"We're excited to kick off the Medical Student Rotation Programme," said Yolanda Johnson-Moton, director of external relations, US Medical Division, Lilly. "The students selected for this program distinguished themselves, both academically and during the interview process.


"The programme is intensive and exposes these future practitioners to the various scientific and medical phases of the drug development process, along with a holistic view of the company. Students have a unique vantage point and opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented health care professionals in the industry, including physicians, and understand their important roles in our organisation."


The Medical Student Rotation Programme is a 4-week experiential learning programme. In partnership with Tulane University School of Medicine, medical students will gain experience and understanding of drug development and how physicians at Lilly contribute to the process. The programme features a student-centric curriculum and structured mentorship in various aspects of pharmaceutical development. This includes independent projects, industry-led workshops, exposure to many facets of drug discovery and development and networking opportunities with Lilly medical leaders.


"Students participating in the programme will get hands-on knowledge of the many roles physicians play in the pharmaceutical industry," said Dr Marc J. Kahn, senior associate dean for admissions and student affairs at Tulane University School of Medicine. "The partnership between Lilly and Tulane matches Lilly's commitment to medical education with Tulane's passion for providing exciting educational experiences for our students. Tulane has the largest combined MD/MPH programme in the country, a successful MD/MBA programme and a programme in medical innovation. This experience combined with Lilly's reputation as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry makes the partnership a natural one."

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