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19 Apr 2021

LogTag ultra-low temperature logger down to -90 °C!

RNA Vaccine Monitoring! 

The LogTag ultra-low temperature datalogger series reaching -90 °C has been specially developed for extreme temperatures such as those prevalent with the use of dry ice in transport or storage.

The LogTag data loggers are ideal for temperature monitoring of novel vaccines such as the RNA vaccines for COVID-19, but can also be used in other markets, for example, in the food industry and many more.

They are designed for recording temperature in a measuring range from -80 °C (datalogger SRIL/TRIL) and -90 °C to +40 °C and have a high accuracy and resilience.

The LogTag ultra-low temperature data logger series SRIL-8, TRIL-8, TREL-8 and TREL30-16 can capture between 8,000 and 16,000 readings, depending on the logger, and are available with display, external probes or internal sensors, as single or multi-use models.

The data loggers are configured and downloaded with extremely powerful software that is available free of charge; red or green flashing LEDs and can show during transport whether predefined temperature ranges have been adhered to.

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