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 Instruments for particle sizing and optical rheology 

LS Instruments is a leader in high-end advanced light scattering technologies for particle sizing and contact-free rheology. Our instruments are used in academic- and industrial research in the fields of: 
-Specialty Chemicals 
-Advanced Materials
As a science-driven company, we aim at delivering the most powerful technology to enable cutting edge research and product development. Our technology based on DLS/SLS and DWS enables unique precision in the measurement of the most challenging samples. The true strength of our instruments unfolds beyond the measuring range of standard instruments: 
-Unmatched precision, frequency range, and concentrations 
-Reliability and Stability 
-Customer support

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Products from LS Instruments (3)

  • LS Spectrometer

    Product LS Spectrometer

    Dynamic and static light scattering for powerful particle characterizationThe LS Spectrometer is a goniometer based multi-angle static light scattering (SLS) and dynamic light scattering (DLS) instrument for particle characterization. It is a modular platform enabling a high degr...
  • NanoLab 3D

    Product NanoLab 3D

    Error-free particle sizing even at high concentrationConventional DLS instruments carry the risk that multiply scattered light can lead to incorrect particle size measurements without ever warning you. Especially with concentrated samples, complex sample preparation and dilution is necessary. This is exactly ...
  • RheoLab

    Product RheoLab

    Advanced optical rheologyThe DWS RheoLab is an optical rheometer. It provides access to the sample's viscoelastic properties over an unmatched frequency range and enables the study of textures and microstructures while requiring only small sample volumes. Since the measurements are contact-free...

LS Instruments Resources (1)

  • Video NanoLab 3D Demo Video

    Watch a demo video of our NanoLab 3D and see how to perform particle sizing without the typical errors generated by standard DLS instruments! Spoiler: there is nothing to do. Just pop the sample in and get a result you can trust, in less than a minute!