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19 Feb 2014

Lucrative Opportunity for Anti-Diabetic Drugs as Chinese Patient Population Estimated to Hit 162 Million by 2030

The number of diabetics in China is set to soar, according to independent analyst firm Datamonitor Healthcare. Currently the number of patients stands at more than 118 million, but is estimated to increase by 37% and reach 162 million by 2030.


Sabada Dube, analyst at Datamonitor Healthcare said: “China is experiencing a serious transition phase where chronic diseases such as diabetes are becoming more prominent than infectious disease.


More than half of the diabetes cases in China are in found in urban areas of the country, with lifestyle factors, living standards and increasing urbanisation rates causing the growth. Population changes, population aging and a substantial increase in obesity cases are also major demographic drivers of the epidemic.


Despite the considerable number of diabetes cases in China, only a small proportion of affected individuals are aware they have the disease and are therefore more at risk of heart disease or suffering a stroke.


Sabada Dube continued: “Although rates in urban areas are higher, urbanisation may prove positive for diabetes suffers in China, as diagnosis rates in these areas are higher. Improved or earlier diagnosis will enhance the survival of patients.”


Lu Pengfei, analyst at Datamonitor Healthcare, added: “This growing patient population presents a lucrative opportunity for anti-diabetes drugs. Approximately 13% of China’s total medical expenditure is spent on diabetes.”

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