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19 Jun 2018

Lyogistics Zero: an innovative freeze dryer vial automatic loading/unloading system with the ability to have CIP/SIP inside chamber

Breakthrough innovations in Freeze Drying Lyogistics Zero is the only vial automatic loading & unloading system for freeze-drying processes which can be cleaned (CIP) and sterilized (SIP) in place, inside the freeze-dryer chamber.

Developed by Telstar, Lyogistics Zero leads to a new generation automatic vial loading & unloading system for GMP freeze-dryers integrating a steam-sterilizable slider with no concealed parts which is moved by a contact-free magnetic drive mechanism. This innovative system enables the transfer device, or ‘slider’, to remain inside the chamber to undergo cleaning and sterilization in place along with the internals of the freeze dryer.

The absence of mechanical links between the drive and the slider provides the system with unprecedented levels of precision and robustness. Without belts, bellows or racks, the new loading/unloading system slides smoothly and unhindered to maintain integrity of the freeze-drying process and product under fully aseptic conditions. Suitable for use in production processes involving hazardous products, Lyogistics Zero has been designed to be integrated within aseptic isolators requiring high level of protection for the operator (OEL5), the product (ISO5) and the environment.

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