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ManageArtworks / Karomi is a global technology solutions provider, with significant focus across two principal industries - Life Sciences and CPG (Food & Cosmetics).ManageArtworks is a Packaging Artwork Management Software that helps Life Sciences Companies to manage the processes, text matter, design and other components of a packaging artwork. By providing a collaborative environment, it connects all stakeholders into an electronic workflow, manages artwork revisions and improves accuracy & speed of approval by the use of image and text proofing tools. As a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system, it gives transparency to the artwork processes with effortless tracking, audit trails, alerts and dashboards.

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Products from ManageArtworks (3)

  • End-to-end solution ManageArtworks

    Product End-to-end solution ManageArtworks

    ManageArtworks is a cloud-based packaging and artwork life cycle management system. It connects people and processes across internal departments, stakeholders, customers, suppliers, agencies, and vendors to get products faster to the market while meeting regulatory compliance. We warranty a seam...
  • 21 CRF Part 11 & EU GMP annex 7

    Product 21 CRF Part 11 & EU GMP annex 7

    ManageArtworks has built-in features to help your organization enhance your compliance:

    • Access Control with Password PoliciesUser and Role based Security Settings • Audit Trails with Timestamps • Electronic Signatures with Authentication and Logging • SSL based communication
  • Print Inspection ManageArtworks

    Product Print Inspection ManageArtworks

    Detect printing errors before they hit the market ! While print technology has improved over the years, it’s the responsibility of the brand to make sure the packaging and labeling that is released to the market is correct in all respects. The onus of checking that the quality of the labeling is correct ...