11 May 2022

CPHI Webinar Series in partnership with Pharmapack Latest Approaches for Large Volume Drug Delivery

Many of the drugs in development pipelines today are biologics, which despite their therapeutic advantages can pose drug delivery and administration challenges. For Pharma companies developing delivery solutions for biologics, the patient experience is always central to the success of a device. As many biologics need to be administered intravenously by a healthcare professional, this conflicts with the increasing trend towards self-administration and home care. To tackle this challenge, there are now several solutions on the market designed specifically for large volume drugs – from auto-injectors to wearables and smart devices. This webinar will provide an overview of the large volume drug delivery challenge, and the most innovative solutions on the market today for improving patient adherence and experience. Key Discussion Points The large volume drug delivery challenge and market growth outlook Optimizing the patient experience through customizable solutions Innovative solutions on the market Partner selection for large volume drug delivery devices Why attend? Get the complete overview on the large volume drug delivery device for 2021 in just 60 minutes Hear from experts who share their learned lessons for commercialized device solution, market impacts and successful device development strategies

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