26 Jun 2019

IBC Solutions for Tablet Handling

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Matcon’s gentle Tablet Handling system enables efficient handling of tablets and capsules whilst maximising the effectiveness of tablet coating, printing, inspection and packing processes. Central to this system is the Tablet IBC with its polyethylene construction, tablet spiral and gentle opening Cone Valve - all designed to avoid tablet damage. The Matcon Tablet IBC gives our customers the ability to handle coated and uncoated tablets in quantities of up to 650Kg in one single IBC. This offers significant benefits including: • Reduced movements of tablet containers • Reduced number of connections/disconnections • Reduced operator handling time • Less containers required per batch • Closed and contained connections • Fully automatic operation • Improved inventory control & traceability Also in the gentle Tablet Handling range is the Matcon Gentle Transfer Chute. This enables damage-free transfer of tablets between floors. For example, from an IBC to coating or packing processes on the floor below.

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