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8 Jun 2013

MedPharm granted new patents for MedSpray

MedPharm has been granted new patents for its transdermal drug delivery tool MedSpray.

MedPharm has been granted new patents for its spray-on film technology MedSpray.

MedSpray is used to deliver drugs through the skin using a spray-on film. The film can be manipulated according to the drug being administered or the disease.

It has been trialled with more than 20 drugs, with the results demonstrating improved toxicity profiles and a possible opportunity to prolong drug delivery.

Using the new patents, chief executive officer of MedPharm Dr Andrew Muddle, explained that the company would be able to expand commercial use of MedSpray. Additionally, MedPharm could work with partners to develop new products, with drugs that would be provided by those licensed to used MedSpray.

He added: "Currently MedPharm has a number of licensees developing products with this technology and with these new patents the company can continue to expand licenced products into new markets."

Currently, MedSpray is used widely in Europe and North America and also in the emerging BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

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