16 Dec 2022

VeriPac 465 Container Closure Integrity System for Laboratory

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Micro leak testing solution for parenteral and other pharmaceutical packaging formats. 

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    The VeriPac LPX Series is PTI’s line of fully automated package quality inspection systems for 100% inline testing. The LPX enables enhanced automated testing that provides a high level of confidence in packaging line performance. The LPX is a practical and reliable solution to the problems associated with performing infrequent testing, allowing for process-related quality issues to be recognized and corrected sooner rather than later.  The VeriPac LPX features a dynamic robotic design, tailored to fit your production requirements. The LPX Series are scalable, modular solutions to meet production line demands. This adaptable platform provides reliable automated handling of a variety of packaging formats. Applications for LPX automatio nrange from flexible packaging to rigid containers, and parenteral products.