Microcrystalline cellulose

Microcrystalline cellulose
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Individualized customization meeting your Differentiated demands.TONCELLUS® TC Series:The outstanding flowability can significantly improve the flowability of other powdersEnsure the uniform mixing of drug ingredients, thus reducing tablet weight variations.Structures have demonstrated excellent drug absorption capacity.Demonstrate more prominent advantage in forming compressibility.Compression can be performed under low pressures, thus reducing the wearing of tablet press machines and filling dies.The optimal choice as filling diluents of solid preparations.
TONCELLUS® TL Series:Abandoned the conventional way of improving the flowablity of powders by increasing the sizes and altering the shapes of MCC particlesAdopted unique special technology to maximize the flowability of MCC.Provided a fine solution to mixed homogeneity of strongly sticky and adhesive API powders.Solved such problems as non-uniform mixing of drug substances and great tablet weight variations under the conditions of high-dose formulations.
TONCELLUS® TLF Series:The latest development achievements of TOPCHAIN PHARMA.High-end individualized MCC products ,which are optimal diluents and fillers for compression.With both high formability and high compressibility, the products have perfectly solved the problems about the compression of low-formability API powders and high-dose formulations of APIs. Reduced tablet sizes and between-tablet abrasion.The flowability of TLF935 is the best among all MCC products, while TLF525 has not only good flowability but also a formability that is much greater than that of TC101.
TONCELLUS® TF Series:Satisfactory tablet hardness can be achieved with relatively small pressure.The high lubrication can effectively reduce the wear between tabletsThe ultra-high formability can significantly reduce the sizes of tabletsPerfectly solved the issues about the compression of low-formability API powders and API high-dose formulasSupport the providing of individualized customization of products to customers based on the characteristic requirements of API powders to satisfy the differentiated demands.

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    Zhuhai Topchain Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, established in 2012, specializes in research and manufacture of pharmaceutical excipients. Microcrystalline cellulose serial products are the main field of development of the company. The company has adequate technical resources and manufacturing capacities to satisfy individualized and differentiated demands of customers.