30 Mar 2023

Continuous Manufacturing of Formulations in Minutes instead of Hours

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Microinnova Engineering GmbH has successfully commissioned two continuous formulation production plants to a European client. The design of the fully automated plant is very compact, which makes it possible to easily transport & install it at a different manufacturing site on the other side of the world.  It possesses an integrated Plug & Play concept, which means that 14 tons per day can be produced. All streams are controlled with precise mass flow meters so no labor intensive pre-weight of substances is needed and instant change of recipe is possible. This provides an easy capacity increase for the client and enables the production of new products.“ 

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    2. We work with a wide range of different process intensification technologies. We select the best technology for each process. We want to enable uniform process conditions for each molecule. 
    3. We are used to working in regulated environments. We are DIN EN ISO 9001 certified. We can build plants that fulfill typical standards for regulated environments like GMP and ATEX. 
    4. We can handle various conditions. We can process highly viscous materials like melts, suspensions, precipitates and solids in packed or trickle beds. 

    Our other 4 differentiators you can find in the video!