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Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, Japan is the pioneer and innovator for oxygen absorber (Ageless) which can remove oxygen and create free oxygen condition in sealed packaging(container) for food. Ageless prevents oxidisation & suppresses growth of mold, provides freshness, extends shelf life, retain aroma & color for foods. Our latest product, Oxygen Scavenging packaging (OMAC) is designed for moist & liquid product such as cut fruit, ready to eat (RTE), ready to cook,  jam & emergency foods. Ageless has both FDA approval & EU compliance enabling you to export globally. We hav...

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Products from Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Singapore Pte Ltd (5)

  • Ageless®

    Product Ageless®

    Ageless® is a traditional Oxygen Absorber (OA). Traditional OA reacts faster than organic type OA but is also sensitive to the humidity of the product. Ageless has also obtained both US FDA DMF and EC. 
  • Pharmakeep®

    Product Pharmakeep®

    Pharmakeep® is an Organic based Oxygen Absorber (OA). Pharmakeep® is able to absorb oxygen with low moisture content. Suitable for solid oral dose. Pharmakeep® has obtained US FDA DMF rating. 
  • Oxybarrier

    Product Oxybarrier

    Oxybarrier is a high gas barrier bottle which have lower OTR as compared to heavy weight HDPE bottle or the standard HDPE bottles.
  • Ageless OMAC

    Product Ageless OMAC

    OMAC is an oxygen absorbing films that can be used a secondary packaging for liquid pharma formulation. It removes the need for additional oxygen absorbers in the packaging, thereby enabling a cleaner packaging. 
  • Oxycapt

    Product Oxycapt

    Oxycapt is a revolutionary, patented newly developed product. This product has good oxygen barrier that can be used for Parentals. Oxycapt does not affect the pH of the parental due to the low leechables.