MOLVIK  -  COMPANY WITH LONG TRADITION in the packaging industry

We manufacture various types of aluminium tubes, multi-layered laminate tubes and plastic caps. Our company is active in all industrial fields where tubes for packaging paste-type products are used, mostly in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industry. Our clients are also our long-standing business partners from whom we learn with each new day, with whom we developed and grow respecting their wishes and needs. Our collaboration with our clients is based on open communication, flexibility and a fair business relationship.

As requested by our clients, our tubes are manufactured in class-D cleanroom conditions, with the quality of tubes for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, veterinarian and chemical products being ensured through prescribed and documented manufacturing and quality control processes, as well as guaranteed by our quality and environmental protection certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, statements of compliance with EU legislation, certificates of quality from approved suppliers and analytical reports.

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Western Europe; Eastern Europe

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