The MSU Bioeconomy Institute provides specialty chemical scale-up and production for-profit and not-for-profit entities of all sizes. The 138,000-square-foot facility complements and extends MSU campus research that supports the emerging bioeconomy, including biofuels, specialty chemicals, bio-based specialty chemicals and biomaterials. To date, the Institute has conducted successful production runs for both high technology start-up firms and publicly traded corporations. It also offers business incubation opportunities and extensive laboratory space rental. The Scale-up Facility provides:

  • Greater than 30,000 liters of chemical reactor capacity with centralized automatic controls, centrifuges, filters, and dryers
  • Engineering and Operating Staff with extensive specialty chemicals manufacturing and optimization experience
  • Process Safety Management compliance
  • State of Michigan Flexible Air Permit
  • 31,0>00 square feet of modern laboratories
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