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Continuous Thermal Sterilization (CTS) yields the highest quality, most functional media, void of variation due to inconsistent heating. It is more energy and time efficient, requiring less manpower than other sterilization methods. As a continuous flow process, it easily scales up or down to meet changing demands. Adopting CTS allows you to benefit from its improved quality, productivity and reduced costs utilizing a continuous biomanufacturing process that is gentler on the sterilization of media.

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  • Continuous Thermal Sterilizer

    Product Continuous Thermal Sterilizer

    In Continuous Thermal Sterilization (CTS), media is pumped through:• Heat exchangers to rapidly heat it to process temperatures of 138-150°C
    • An insulated hold tube to retain it at temperature for just a few seconds
    • Cooling heat exchangers to rapidly cool it to the required finish temperature.

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