Murli Krishna Pharma Pvt at CPHI North America

20 Feb 2019

We are pleased announce we are participating in CPHI North America 2019.

We are inviting you to our stall (number: 814) where we will be showcasing the details of our new developments/ projects and Product Portfolio. This will be an excellent platform for our synergistic and long term business relations.

Murli Krishna Pharma Pvt at CPHI North America
CPHI North America

Orlistat Pellets, Clarithromycin pellets/ granules, Dexlansoprazole Pellets, Duloxetine pellets, Itraconazole Pellets, Lansoprazole Pellets, Esomeprazole Pellets, Omeprazole pellets, Tacrolimus, Tamsulosin etc…

Budesonide, Nano particles, Immuno Suppressants,
Pancreatin Pellets, Paclitaxel Nano Particles, etc…

For Further Product Details and Information:
Our website:
Our stand: 814