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Natac is an ASMF developer that investigates, develops, and sustainably manufactures natural ingredients; mainly plant extracts, for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and feed markets.

Our mission is to grant access to high added-value bioactive compounds for health and technology applications. Natac products undergo strict quality controls that comply with the most rigorous standards in the industry, guaranteeing botanical identification with the HABOID method.
Headquartered in Spain, yet internationally pre...

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Products from Natac (5)

  • Satiereal

    Product Satiereal

    The original patented Saffron extract for appetite control with an impact on weight management. SATIEREAL® has shown, under two clinical studies carried out in double-blind against placebo, its capacity to manage appetite (-84%) and reduce compulsive snacking (-78%) in releasing more serotonin at the centr...
  • Moodreal

    Product Moodreal

    As the biggest extractor of Saffron in Europe, Natac develops this Saffron extract that matches the science published for mood behavior based on human clinical studies with replica saffron extracts: Sargol vintage stigmas, a process that preserves its active ingredients. MOODREAL® mechanism of action has b...
  • Elimreal

    Product Elimreal

    ELIMREAL® is a new patented exclusive natural and powerful elimination complex that stimulates natural body drain functions and body detoxification. ELIMREAL® efficiency has been demonstrated clinically during double-blind against placebo studies, increasing Urinary Volume and Frequency. Approved worldwide...
  • Oleafall

    Product Oleafall

    An innovative ingredient for immune support that’s completely new to the market. By combining oleuropein with triterpenes from the olive (oleanolic acid), OLEAFALL targets two biochemical pathways at once, in order to regulate the function of the immune system. This ingredient maximises the body’s ability ...
  • Full Spectrum Extracts

    Product Full Spectrum Extracts

    Mounting scientific evidence has shown that plant extracts which retain the full chemical profile of their original plants, provide stronger benefits than isolated compounds at the same dose. That's why we developed Full Spectrum; a line of highly concentrated extracts, standardised for potency, and contai...

Natac Resources (4)

  • News Rhodiola rosea review

    The Natac scientific team led by José Carlos Quintela have just published a review of Rhodiola rosea in the medical journal Molecules (MDPI) in June.
  • Brochure Pharmaceutical Plant Extract Solutions

    In healthcare today, patients need to feel like they can trust the medicinal products they use. That’s why all of our compounds are derived from 100% natural, premium-quality botanicals.

    With all of the documentation necessary for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) in medicinal products, we guarantee our extracts comply with all the pharmaceutical sector regulations.

    Our standards for quality are the best in the world. Still, the new Hervás factory has tripled our production capacity, making us world leaders in both quantity and quality of natural ingredients.

  • Technical Data Rhodiola rosea review

    The Natac scientific team lead by José Carlos Quintela have just published a review of Rhodiola rosea in the medical journal Molecules (MDPI) in June.

    The literature analysis reviews 21 separate clinical studies into rhodiola’s effectiveness and discusses the plants activity across the five key areas of: neuroprotection, anxiety and depression, physical strength and, endurance, cardio protection and reproduction.

    Rhodiola´s properties as an adaptogen are discussed and its major phytochemical constituents of rosavins and salidroside are brought into clinical focus.
  • Video Natac Company Presentation

    Company presentation showcasing how Natac uniquely provides botanical plant extracts to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, animal feed and cosmetic sectors.