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Nativa is a leading group of pharmaceutical companies in Russia. It develops and produces world-class complex medicines essential for human health. Nativa focuses on oncology, pulmonology and multiple sclerosis. Unique product portfolio and pipeline: a broad anticancer drugs product portfolio; sustained-release peptides (Russia's widest range) and products with high barrier to entry (glatiramer acetate, LAI octreotide, LAI triptorelin, LAI goserelin); full-cycle development of biopharmaceuticals (both APIs and finished dosage forms) based on recombinant proteins, including chemically modified ones; a complete pulmonary medications portfolio, including all kinds of inhaler devices Headquartered in Moscow.Nativa owns state-of-the-art research and production facilities in the Moscow Region. They are equipped with advanced equipment for both production and quality control. R&D is conducted at the same site according to international best practices and ensures that Nativa is on point of modern technologies and formulations. Nativa's main goal is to constantly strive for excellence and never stop innovating for the wellbeing of its customers.

Technology leader: sophisticated generics and biosimilars; large-scale peptide synthesis and purification (buserelin, goserelin, octreotide, desmopressin, glatiramer acetate); multi-step sophisticated synthesis of complicated small organic molecules (bortezomib, kinase inhibitors, etc.); production areas for eukaryotic upstream and downstream processing and prokaryotic upstream and downstream processing; own production site and 2 CMO hosted by the largest Russian producer granted a EU GMP certificate.

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Sales markets Middle East; Asia; Africa; Central/South America
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