Naturmar Bov Spray

Product description

Hypertonic nasal solution based on sea water and hyaluronicacid to restore the correct breathing in case of allergicepisodes, colds, rhinitis and sinusitis.This Spray is a natural product based on sea water andhyaluronic acid that thanks to the functionality of the specialnozzle is able to spread the product inside the nostrils,protecting restoring the normal physiological conditions ofmucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract.It is indicated for remove irritating agents such as pollen,dust and smoke, to fluidize the mucus, keep moistured thenasal cavities and facilitate breathing in the event of allergicepisodes, cold, rhinitis and sinusitis.DOSAGE: Remove the cap, gently introduce the nozzle into the nostril, recline the head toone side and press the dispenser. Repeat for the other nostril.Frequency and duration of use: For a correct use we recommend:In children 1-2 sprays 2-3 times a day.In adults 2-3 sprays up to 4 times a day.The duration of therapy depends on the evolution of the symptoms and if necessary it canbe used even for prolonged periods under advice of your doctor.• BOV technology• WITH AIR AS A PROPELLANT• PRESERVATIVES FREENEWSCOMPOSITION: Water, sea water, sodium hyaluronate, sodium chloride,monobasic potassium phosphate and dibasic potassium phosphate.PACKAGING: 100 ml BOV Public price in Italy: 11,50 €
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