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4 Aug 2022

NEW! Fillchoice® LUNG - CSTD

NEW! A filter-free, ready-to-transfer CSTD with Smart Pressure Equalisation system for hazardous drug reconstitution and safe handling.


The toxic effects of antineoplastic drugs used for cancer treatment, beyond the patient safety concerns, bring occupational risks to health care professionals handling hazardous drugs in the course of their duties. 

FillChoice® Lung is a new cutting-edge closed system transfer device (CSTD) without filters, compliant with the NIOSH definitions and protocols. It is a patented needle-free and filter-free system, filled with a sterile air for pressure equalisation, suitable for different vial sizes and a standard luer-lock syringe.

FASTER IN USE. Significantly reduces the time for medical procedure, thanks to a less rigid order of actions and fewer steps for device manipulation.

EASY DOSING. Efficient pressure equalisation keeps the syringe plunger still during the drug aspiration.

CLOSED CIRCUIT. Designed to prevent the exposure of healthcare professionals to the harmful effects of cytotoxic drugs.

FILTER-FREE. Safe, easy and efficient pressure equalisation without any contact with external ambient.

NEEDLE-FREE. Patented proprietary connectors for hermetic needle-free sealing prevent accidental drug release.

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