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6 Dec 2013

New Inhalation Capsule Filling Machine Fills Market Gap

Hovione has announced the expansion of its inhalation drug product development services with the introduction of a high precision MG2 FlexaLAB capsule filling machine.


This investment is in response to market demand for high-precision, capsule filling services for inhaled products and is the last step in Hovione’s plan to offer development services in all quadrants of inhalation projects: from API to formulation to powder inhalers to final unit dose.


This investment intends to support Phase II– III clinical trials to Hovione’s business partners. “We give our customers an edge in inhalation capsule filling for drug delivery to the lung, by providing access to a machine capable of very high precision filling of low doses, down to 5 mg. We are perhaps the only independent company with expertise in every aspect of the inhaled drug development process and this acquisition strengthens our commitment to inhalation drug development”, said Peter Villax, Vice-President. Hovione is currently executing inhaled drug development projects for a number of pharmaceutical companies, involving API process development, particle engineering, formulation development and clinical supplies.


Capable of filling up to 3000 capsules/hour, the FlexaLAB is the first MG2 equipment fitted with the MultiNET system, which allows 100% net weight unit verification for increased precision and suitable internal process controls for supporting inhalation development activities.


Gonçalo Andrade, Business Development Manager, said: “Hovione has a proven track record in the field of inhalation product development. With our core API process development, particle engineering and manufacturing expertise, Hovione produces pulmonary delivery-friendly particles which can then be used to fill inhalation capsules. The acquisition of the MG2 FlexaLAB unit allows Hovione to support capsule filling activities in all stages of clinical development and even low volume commercial manufacturing of inhalation drug products. Customers can now partner with Hovione for a full service inhalation drug development manufacturing, all under one roof.”

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