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24 May 2023

Nolato - Catheter balloons

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Nolato is a world leading supplier of catheter balloons with a large market share world-wide. Nolato’s catheter balloons have superior material properties in purity, symmetry and resilience, which is crucial for specific medical device applications.

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Nolato – Medical Solutions

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    Nolato Pharma Packaging specialises in thedevelopment and manufacture of primary plasticpackaging for pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.We offer a comprehensive range of caps andcontainers as well as tailor made packaging to meetspecific customer requirements. Designed anddeveloped with high-class expertise in child resistanceand tamper evident technologies, our products meet therequirements of both prescription and over-the countermedicines and cover all dosage forms: solids, liquids,creams and powders.We are part of the Nolato Group, with operations inEurope, Asia and the USA.