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5 Aug 2013

Novel Microplate Design Improves Assay Performance

Porvair Sciences has developed the Krystal 2000 microplate range to address performance limiting well-to-well crosstalk inherent in most assay plates.

Incorporating unique individual clear cups molded into either a black or white polypropylene matrix, crosstalk is eliminated and the sensitivity, photometric accuracy and repeatability of your bottom reading absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence measurements markedly improved.

Maintaining industry standard 96-well microplate dimensions the Krystal 2000 range is fully compatible with all commercially available plate readers, robotic sample processors and automated liquid handling systems.

Constructed in ultra-pure grade polystyrene, Krystal 2000 microplates are available in opaque white, solid black and black and white combination formats. For sensitive fluorescence measurements the black plate provides the all-absorbing background needed to minimise background interference. The opaque white plate maximizes reflectivity enabling even weakly emitting luminescence assays to be routinely undertaken. 

In addition to optimized luminescence and fluorescence measurements the unique design offers improved cell binding efficiency and allows the convenience of direct measurements on bottom reading spectrophotometers and inverted microscopes.

To download a technical report that evaluates well-to-well crosstalk in commercially available microplates used for luminescence measurements please visit For further information on the Krystal 2000 range please contact Porvair Sciences Ltd. on +44 1372 824 290 or [email protected]

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