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O’Hara Technologies Inc. is recognized on the global market as a leading manufacturer of solid dosage processing equipment, with new innovative products coming to the market every year. The company is known for its unique technology, solutions for the best return on investment, and its excellent customer support. O’Hara designs and fabricates a broad product line of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical equipment for coating and drying. Our product range provides proven solutions through all capacity requirements - from small scale portable laboratory and R&D models through to high-volume continuous systems. Our goal is to be a manufacturer that offers the greatest value, by helping our clients to address all of their equipment needs in today’s rapidly changing market.

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Products from O'Hara Technologies Inc

  • O'Hara Fastcoat™ Continuous Coating Systems

    Product O'Hara Fastcoat™ Continuous Coating Systems

    O'Hara Fastcoat™ Continuous Coaters significantly shorten production cycle times and improve productivity, while using less GMP floor space and utilities than traditional batch coaters. The nature of continuous coating requires a shallower tablet bed, which leads to less product damage, and allows tablets to pass under the anti-bearding spray nozzles at a higher frequency. As a result, our customers see markedly improved coating uniformity, often at significantly lower weight gains than traditional batch coating. Our patented technology allows for a wide range of production capacities; we offer equipment designed for 75, 500 and 1200 kilograms per hour nominal throughput rates. O’Hara’s Zero Waste recipe control system allows for every tablet to be coated to your specification, from the first to the last. The coater can also be used as a fully automated batch coater, complete with automatically loading, coating and unloading tablets, giving you the ultimate versatility.
  • O'Hara Fastcoat™ Interchangeble Coating Systems

    Product O'Hara Fastcoat™ Interchangeble Coating Systems

    Our Fastcoat™ Interchangeable tablet coating systems are designed to supply a quick and reliable solution to your production requirements. Supplied with a remote air handling unit with dehumidification and HEPA filtration as standard. Additional features such as pre-heat and humidification are also available to provide an optimal coating environment, year-round. Anti-bearding spray nozzles are supplied on our O'Hara Professional Coating Arm (PCA), which is a block-style manifold with built-in tubing for liquid and compressed air to allow for a sleek and organized appearance. Upon completion of each batch, tablets are unloaded automatically with our reverse unloading system.