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Since 1973 Omag has been designing and developing vertical and horizontal packaging machines and complete lines for 4-side sealed sachets, stick-pack and doy-pack; with more than 45 years of experience in the packaging industry has acquired a unique know-how.
Every machine is customizable, can easily pack a wide range of products (powdery, granular, liquid, pasty, tablets and capsules) in different pouches dimensions and sizes and can be designed on one or more packaging lanes according to customer’s indications about speed and production. Omag machines can be completed with robot counting and feeding systems, cartoning machines, customized with a large variety of optionals and finishing on the base of customer specifications. 

Continuous innovation and technical research allows Omag to guarantee strength, reliability and durability of its machines, all built with a pleasant design and according to GMP and FDA standards: “cantilever” design makes cleaning procedures and replacement of any component easier, every part in contact with the product is in stainless steel, the limited number of components present ensures that the machine is compact for the installation in restricted places. investment in research and development to be always up to date with Industry 4.0 new technologies: sensors, smart cameras, robotic systems and augmented reality implemented on the machines.

Omag is now actively implementing predictive maintenance on its machines: thanks to IoT technologies, remote control and machines interconnection, in a very near future will be possible to constantly monitor the machine status, components lifecycle and system performances in order to minimize the risk of machine downtime.

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Products from Omag srl

  • Omag Packaging Machine mod. CP

    Product Omag Packaging Machine mod. CP

    Intermmitent motion packaging machine with sealing plates technology to guarantee perfect sealing and high quality of the sachets, without any wrinkles in order to maintain the integrity of the product. Possibility to pack different products in classic 4 side sealed sachets or shaped sachets. The ideal solution to pack liquid, gel and pasty products, like hand sanitizer gel and antibacterical. It is also available for powdery, granular and pasty products with the possibility to install two different dosing system on the machine to dose two different types of products. Machine can be equipped with optionals like coding system for variable datas, smart cameras for variable datas control, tear notch for easy opening, etc.
  • Omag Packaging Machine mod. CS Junior

    Product Omag Packaging Machine mod. CS Junior

    CS Junior packaging machine: different products and stick format sizes in one machine. Thanks to its compact design, this machine is the ideal solution for limited space area, and to pack small batches or to test a new market. In only one square meter you can have up to 3.600 stick/hour on one packaging lane, 7.200 on two lanes according to the products. It is available with different dosing system, up to 3 simultaneously, for powdery, granular, liquid and pasty products. Easy maintenance and cleaning: just 5 minutes for dosing system dismantling without any tool and less than 10 minutes for format changes.
  • Omag Packaging Machine mod.C3

    Product Omag Packaging Machine mod.C3

    Continuous motion packaging machine to pack products into 4 side sealed sachets. This application is for liquid, cremy, semisolid and gelly pharmaceutical products.
  • Omag Packaging Machine mod.CS

    Product Omag Packaging Machine mod.CS

    Intermittent motion packaging machine to pack products into tubolar stick-pack.