4 Nov 2021


Our CEO, Marc Hämel shares the lessons we learned from last year, extends his wishes, gratitude to the Nemera family and walks us through the top company goals that will shape and drive our story in 2021!

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  • News Nemera: Stronger than ever

    More modern, our new brand identity truly embodies who we are, how we partner with our customers and ultimately the value we bring to millions of patients across the world through our drug delivery device solutions.
  • Video Innovation in Connectivity Roundtable pt.1

    The Innovation in Connectivity Roundtable originally aired as part of Pharmapack Europe 2021 Part 1 of this session includes three presentations: Patient Journey Driven Considerations for Integrating Digital Health for Combination Products The importance of utilizing applied ethnography and other primary research methods to understand the patient journey as the foundation for integrating digital health into a device/combination product development initiative. Considering patient needs in the context of a larger ecosystem including providers, payers, and regulators to develop a robust plan with respect to connectivity and digital health. Examples of how this understanding is applied across the combination product development journey through organic development, utilization of platform devices, or as a lifecycle management enchantments while optimizing the user experience resulting in safe, effective, and differentiated combination products. Mark Tunkel, Global Category Director for Insight Innovation, Nemera Electronic Product Information: A Case Study on Medicine Labelling for the Visually Impaired The Electronic Product Information Initiative for Medicines (ePI) aim to ease the accessibility of product information to everyone, including visually impaired patients. The GS1 Digital Link aim to provide a single barcode for identification, brand protection, and access to product information for patients. Our lecture will illustrate how the existing Datamatrix on packaging could be leveraged, today, by everyone, including visually impaired users, to access a tailored and relevant information. Laurent Tonnelier, CEO, mobiLead - xTag Lise Wagner, Accessibility Specialist and User Expert, OKEENEA Traceability of Medicines: from Finished Product to Unit Dose Delivery Challenges for B2B Supply Chain stakeholders Regulations: a global overview What about B2C Nathalie Wardé, CEO & Founder, D4P pharma Join the above speakers and moderator Lionel Jeannin, Group Head Oral Packaging & Delivery Systems, Novartis Pharma AG for the live panel discussion that followed in the Innovation in Connectivity Roundtable pt. 2
  • News Pharmapack Europe 2021 announces Awards winners!

    Awards showcased a wide range of industry-changing innovations in packaging and drug delivery, with sustainability emerging as a key metric across all categories
  • Video Innovation in Connectivity Roundtable pt. 2

    The second part of the Innovation in Connectivity Roundtable brings together presenters from Nemera, D4P Pharma and xTag for a group discussion and live Q&A (45-minutes). Moderated by Lionel Jeannin, Group Head Oral Packaging & Delivery Systems, Novartis Pharma AG Participants: Mark Tunkel, Global Category Director for Insight Innovation, Nemera Laurent Tonnelier, CEO, mobiLead – xTag Lise Wagner, Accessibility Specialist and User Expert, OKEENEA Nathalie Wardé, CEO & Founder, D4P pharma This webinar originally aired as part of Pharmapack 2021
  • News Pharmapack 2021: Increasing connectivity is the key to patient centricity and simplified access to product information

    During the live Innovation in Connectivity Roundtable at the Pharmapack 2021 online conference, experts discussed how the latest innovations in digital technology are shaping industry ambitions to put the patient journey at the heart of its drug device and delivery solutions by simplifying product information via increased connectivity.
  • Video Welcome to the Digital Health & Connectivity & Patient-Centricity Track

    This webinar will address: Key market trends in digital health and how they have accelerated in the past years Nemera’s vision of digital health and the implications on the whole drug/device development ecosystem – how connectivity is creating incredible opportunities for the industry but also raises some challenges: link to conferences in the track How does Nemera play in this landscape: presentation of the company, our capabilities and some examples of our connected devices. Webinar originally aired as part of Pharmapack Europe 2021

    RetroNose is a completely new drug delivery concept to dispense drug formulation to the nasal cavity. The principle of this concept is to deliver a spray through the oral cavity to deposit the drug in the nasal cavity from rear to front. To avoid aerosol penetration in the lung and to ensure deposition efficacy, the aerosol drug is automatically delivered during the nasal expiratory phase.
  • Video Nemera: We Put Patients First

    As a world-leading drug delivery device solutions provider, our purpose of putting patients first enables us to design and manufacture devices that maximize treatment efficacy. We are a holistic partner and help our customers succeed in the sprint to market of their combination products. From early device strategy to state-of-the-art manufacturing, we’re committed to the highest quality standards. Agile and open-minded, we work with our customers as colleagues. Together, we go the extra mile to fulfill our mission.
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  • Video Nemera at CPhI Worldwide 2019 - Bernhard Rohn and Mark Tunkel

    Our VP strategy and marketing and our director of business development, Insight Innovation Center are presenting Nemera and its portfolio. They are giving more details about Insight Innovation Center.
  • Video Nemera at CPhI Worldwide 2018

    Nemera, Juan Sarmien, Sales Director for North America at Nemera, speaks with CPhI TV at CPhI Worldwide in Madrid.
  • Video Nemera: Sronger Than Ever

    Our proven experience in the complementary activities surrounding drug delivery device and combination product development, alongside our strong know-how in our industry ecosystem, puts us in an optimal place to support our customers as partners through every step in their journey. By keeping the patient top of mind, we create success on all fronts. We aim to improve patients’ outcomes and build customer success. In order to do that, we have three key pillars that form the base of our organizational identity: • Patients first. Always. • Partnering in drug delivery devices. Holistically. • Going the extra mile. Together. Our new logo and a new brand style convey this message to customers, applicants, shareholders, and other stakeholders, with a fresh, friendly, and moving-forward look and feel.