8 Feb 2023

Proven Framework for Managing Your Outsourcing Partner

Outsourcing drug manufacturing is a common solution to building manufacturing capacity among drug sponsors. Developing appropriate oversight for CDMO’s is key to a successful product launch. This session will discuss key responsibilities for drug sponsors in overseeing their providers, including which responsibilities can be delegated and when. We will also explore best practices in obtaining optimum performance and adjusting oversight as necessary to reduce overall program risk. This session was broadcast as part of CPHI NA show.

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    Pfizer’s manufacturing excellence story can be likened to the sport of crew rowing. Eight people, literally rowing in the same direction in unison. Multiple efforts, focus and strengths are combined in the pursuit of a common goal. It takes precise choreography, teamwork and a common understanding of the manner in which results can and should be achieved.
    “The power of the team is unlocked as each rower works in harmony, adding their power to the whole. When everyone buys in and commits to the system, great things can be achieved.”
    IMEx (Integrated Manufacturing Excellence) is Pfizer’s production system that mandates a common way of working, applies that at all levels, globally and rewards individuals, teams and facilities on their outcomes. The advantages and success of IMEx are shown clearly in increased speed to patients. That’s the focal point of what Pfizer does and a tool like IMEx is important because it supports that global goal.
    But how do we apply it to our CDMO business? How do we leverage such a powerful tool to create the same value for our clients? How does the coxswain and team, working together, create harmony with a supply chain that isn’t entirely our own?
    Answering these questions are the crux of this presentation.