OXYCAPT Multilayer Plastic Vial & Syringe

Product description

OXYCAPT™ is multilayer plastic Vial & Syringe. It consists of three layers. The inner and outer layer are made of cyclo olefin polymer (COP) which is the most reliable polymer in pharma industry. The middle layer is made of new polyester developed by MGC. Due to COP’s characteristics, the products are equipped with high water vapor barrier, very low extractables, high pH stability, low protein adsorption, high break resistance, etc. The new polyester with excellent oxygen and UV barrier plays a role as an oxygen barrier layer.

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Categories Pharmaceutical PackagingSyringes/prefilled syringes; Pharmaceutical PackagingVials / Ampuls; Pharmaceutical Packaging
Sales markets Western Europe; Asia; North America
Supplied from Japan

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OXYCAPT Multilayer Plastic Vial & Syringe

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