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Pacific Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is an MHRA cGMP certified Manufacturing company. It was established in 1990 and is widely involved in manufacturing and marketing activities of its products in the domestic and foreign market. Ever since its inception, Pacific Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has acquired top of the line machinery and equipment capable of producing over 1 million units per day. Acquiring MHRA accreditation, Pacific Pharma has been manufacturing products for some of the renowned companies from across the globe which include the following:

  • Crescent Pharma (UK)
  • Waymade PLC (UK)
  • TESCO (UK)
  • Genesis (Germany)
  • Almus (UK)
  • Sovereign Medical (UK)
  • Intrapharm
  • Pak Farma S.A.C.
The Company is manufacturing pharmaceutical products in technical collaboration of six globally renowned multinationals pharmaceutical Companies namely:
  • STADA, Germany.
  • Marion Merrell Dow inc., U.S.A.,
  • Recordati Industria Chimicae Farmaceutica S.p.A., Milano, Italy.
  • Ravizza Farmaceutici S.p.A, BASF Group, Italy.
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Products from Pacific Pharma UK Ltd

  • Astrozym

    Product Astrozym

    Astrozym Tab
  • Methyldopa

    Product Methyldopa

    Methyldopa Tab 500mg
  • Lomexin Cream

    Product Lomexin Cream

    Lomexin Vaginal Cream (Specification of Recordati)