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18 Mar 2014

Pall Unveils Expanded Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Product Line at INTERPHEX 2014

Pall Corporation, a global leader in high-tech filtration, separation and purification, is unveiling its expanded line of upstream and downstream capabilities including new single-use technologies for biopharmaceutical manufacturing at INTERPHEX 2014, booths 3021 and 3341. The show runs from 18–20 March at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York, NY.


With the recent acquisitions of the LifeSciences business of ATMI, Medistad Holding BV and SoloHill Engineering Inc., Pall strengthened its upstream capabilities and already-established portfolio of single-use technologies. The company can now offer customers multiple solutions for their single-use applications. At INTERPHEX, the company’s extended suite of products is on display for the first time.


Following are new innovations Pall will be introducing at INTERPHEX:

• The AllegroTM STR 200 Single-use Bioreactor System is used for production-scale applications and is currently available in working volumes up to 200 L. The single-use stirred tank bioreactor features excellent mixing and mass transfer characteristics for upflow or downflow operations with minimum shear.


• The next generation of connector technology comes in the form of the Kleenpak II Sterile Connector, which offers a robust solution for large-scale, high-volume sterile fluid transfer. Available in 3Ž4 and 1” fittings, this connector enables secure, permanent connections for single-use or hybrid systems over 100 L in volume.


• Among the innovations from Pall’s acquisitions being introduced is an expanded range of cubical and round single-use tanks for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical mixing applications. There are 64 tanks designed for use, from bench to commercial scale, featuring standard options including state-of-the-art, ASME-certified insulated jackets and load cells with displays. All of the tanks in the range are made from standard materials, with consistent finishes and fully sealed frames.


• The off-the-shelf LevPak system, part of the Integrity product line that uses TK8 film, is the only product on the market that enables mixing, storage, shipping, remixing and dispensing of final biopharmaceutical and vaccine products in a single unit. It replaces traditional shipping methods such as glass or plastic bottles, and removes the need for additional process steps once a customer receives product, as it is ready to be mixed in situ.


Other Pall products being displayed at the show include

• The fully automated Allegro MVP single-use system is suitable for a wide range of upstream and downstream bioprocessing activities. It takes advantage of fully disposable flow paths and incorporates single-use sensors to monitor the process, maintain optimum conditions and get full batch records.


• Cadence Single-Use Inline Concentrator technology eliminates conventional recirculation loops with single-path tangential flow filtration that moves product through a proprietary design flow path in a pre-assembled module with all connections and couplings in place. The Cadence In-line Concentrator reduces pump and tube sizes, maximizes product recovery and exposes sensitive proteins to less shear. It can be used for production of monoclonal antibodies, fractionated antibodies, recombinant proteins and recombinant blood factors.


• The Resolute Auto Pak system allows fully automated column packing, unpacking or clean-in-place at the touch of a button. Users are able to pack all the slurry in the tank, eliminating sorbent carryover or wastage with a simplified setup that departs from traditional pump-pack methods and allows quicker turnaround of packing and unpacking operations. 


• Also being spotlighted are Newform ultraclean pharmaceutical packaging and a range of single-use storage systems, mixers and bioreactors acquired from ATMI; microcarrier bead technology added from SoloHill; and specialized single-use systems engineering capabilities from Medistad.


At the show’s new Innovation Stages, Pall also will be well represented:


• Tuesday, 3/18 at 11:00 a.m. EST — BioProcess International Innovation Stage 1: Jerold Martin, Senior VP of Global Scientific Affairs, Pall Life Sciences, will participate in the roundtable "Harmonization of Single-Use Systems: Coordination of SUS Standards and Best Practice Efforts"


• Wednesday, 3/19 at 1:30 p.m. EST — BioPharm International Innovation Stage 2: Stéphanie Dubois, Cell Culture Lab Manager & Application Specialist, Pall Life Sciences, will present "Continuous Manufacturing for Biologic Drugs"


• Wednesday, 3/19 at 2:00 p.m. EST — BioProcess International Innovation Stage 1: Dr. Helene Pora, Vice President, Single-Use Systems, Pall Life Sciences, will present "The Application of Automation to Single-Use Systems: Efficacy and Improved Process Control”

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