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PALMA GROUP S.A., headquartered in Friborg (Switzerland), develops, manufactures and markets new brands and products in the global healthcare market.
 At Palma Group S.A., we see ourselves as a dynamic enterprise that is reliable and attractive. We build trust through credibility and competence. Inspired by our founders and guided by our values, we are working with our partners to contribute to a bright future.
The activity of the company is based on an innovative development approach.
Founded in 1994 to meet the needs of the healthcare market, PALMA GROUP S.A. has developed the  Guarders® system .Innovative system Guarders® - comprehensive system for monitoring and assessing baby’s health during the first 18 months   Guarders® is an project in the field of medical diagnosis, benefiting from a patented method.

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Products from Palma Group S.A.

  • Innovative system Guarders®.  New quality of the medical care

    Product Innovative system Guarders®. New quality of the medical care

    Comprehensive integrated solution Guarders® was designed to provide healthcare professionals (nurses, family doctors, pediatricians) with data that will allow to detect disease at an early stage, help in the differential diagnosis and track the results of the prescribed treatment

    Guarders® includes:

    1.     mHealth mobile apps - Guarders® Baby Pass® for parents  and Guarders® Baby Pass® Pro for HCP

    2.     The Guarders® MiniLab® Cautionary device kit for urinalysis designed for use by healthcare professionals. The Guarders® MiniLab® Cautionary device kit comes in 2 different types in 4 sizes: Mini, Midi, Maxi, Junior, which are adapted to the changing weight of the baby during the first 18 months.