Pancreatin EC Pellets 70%

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Porcine Pancreatin formulated as enteric-coated (acid-resistant) mini micro spheres within gelatin capsules. The capsules dissolve rapidly in the stomach releasing plenty of mini micro spheres, a multi dose principle which is designed to achieve good mixing with the chyme, emptying from the stomach together with the chyme and after release, good distribution of enzymes within the chyme. When the mini micro spheres reach the small intestine the coating rapidly disintegrates (at pH > 5.5) to release enzymes with lipolytic, amylolytic and proteolytic activity to ensure the digestion of fats, starches and proteins. The products of pancreatic digestion are then either absorbed directly, or following further hydrolysis by intestinal enzymes.
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Pancreatin EC Pellets 70%

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