Paolo Gobbi Frattini S.r.l.

Paolo Gobbi Frattini S.r.l.


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Paolo Gobbi Frattini S.r.l. (Haemopharm) manufactures flexible bags for a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical applications. Paolo Gobbi Frattini products are used in hospitals, pharmacies and home care, starting from empty PVC bags used as containers of the infusion solutions, to the biomedical double and multi-chamber bags used for different therapeutic applications such as pharmacy compounding, drug reconstitution, oncology, dialysis, nutrition, cells and tissue preservation, ozone therapy and ophthalmology. Paolo Gobbi Frattini PVC and PVC-free empty bags are customizable, available in different configurations and as standard, double chamber, or multichamber bags. Paolo Gobbi Frattini can also offer a wide range of components, including last generation needlefree connections.

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Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Australia; North America; Central/South America
Affiliated categories: Bags & Tubing |Contract Manufacturing |Contract Packing More

Paolo Gobbi Frattini S.r.l.

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