PAQXOS – Intuitive and Versatile Control and Evaluation Platform

3 Apr 2018

With the new, intuitively operable control and evaluation software PAQXOS, Sympatec supports first time users as well as experts during particle characterisation. A newly developed, freely adaptable user interface, fully automated system detection, intelligent step-by-step wizard and the efficient SOP management ensure efficient and reliable measurement applications in laboratory and process.

Fast and reliable achievement of meaningful measuring results

With the new application software PAQXOS, Sympatec realizes a fast and intuitive entry into particle size and particle shape analysis within laboratory and process environments. PAQXOS is the joint control and evaluation platform for all Sympatec systems. With automated system detection and an intelligent step-by-step wizard, first time users easily accomplish measurement success. For particle experts, the software offers full flexibility to implement more demanding applications and a comprehensive support during the development and management of dependable measurement methods (SOPs | Standard Operation Procedures). The graphical user interface provides optimized desktop configurations and is freely adaptable to the task at hand. Results presentations and documentations for tables, diagrams or reports can be chosen from a variety of predefined and fully customisable formats. 

PAQXOS – Intuitive and Versatile Control and Evaluation Platform
Control and Evaluation Software for all Sympatec Particle Size Analyzers

PAQXOS is realised as a powerful, future oriented 64-bit software for Windows® environments and ensures a high resolution representation with scalable design, while the screen layout might span over multiple displays if desired. Sympatec systems and database servers that are connected and distributed within a corporate network are also being supported. Integration in automated environments or process control systems takes place over common interfaces like TCP/IP, OPC, Modbus® or Profibus®. Additionally, the integrated scripting environment allows the setup of sophisticated routines. PAQXOS meets the requirements of FDA-regulated pharmaceutical industries and provides all safety functions, access controls and authentication methods stipulated in regulation 21 CFR Part 11. Methods and databases of the previous software WINDOX can be migrated without a problem.

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