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 Measuring particle size in running processes - Parsum has been standing for this since 20 years, with its own complete solutions.

Founded in 1997 by former employees of Chemnitz University of Technology, Parsum has now become a recognized international supplier of PAT solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. At the beginning was a patented measuring method and the conviction that there is a great need in industry and R&D to measure particle sizes directly in the process to monitor, control and optimize these processes.

The measurement method of the Spatial Filter Velocimetry was further developed in such a way that, beside particle speed also particle size distributions could be measured. In contrast to the classical particle measurement methods with sampling and laboratory analysis

From the beginning, Parsum used the in-line measurement, where particles do not have to leave the process space and the measurement results are available immediately and continuously. Several patents were granted for this procedure in Germany, Europe and the USA.

In 1998, Parsum installed its first measuring instrument with typical probe-design at a fine chemicals manufacturer in Germany to determine the powder quality in a grinding process. The probe design without mechanically adjustable parts has become an important success factor and has been maintained up to today's probe types. As a result, installation in existing systems is easily possible.

In addition to the fine chemicals, food and basic industries, with the IPP 70- probe type Parsum offers a GMP-compliant solution for the pharmaceutical industry. Above all, the consistent development of accessories for process adjustment, the so-called "process interface", led to Parsum becoming a market leader in the field of particle measurement in fluidized bed processes. Inline dispersing technology in particular contributed to the fact that the mea...

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Products from Parsum GmbH

  • Inline Particle Probe IPP 80-P

    Product Inline Particle Probe IPP 80-P

    Inline Particle Probe IPP 80-P

    This probe has been designed to measure the particle size distribution of powders, pellets or granules in pharmaceutical processes. The IPP-80 is used wherever the particle size has to be monitored continuously as a critical quality attribute CQA of a pharmaceutical process. It is a valuable PAT - Tool and provides valuable measurement data for use in R & D projects, in the pilot plant (for example, to reduce the number of experiments for up-scaling) and in production under GMP conditions for continuous quality monitoring and documentation - in conventional batch operation or continuous production. The probe has self-diagnostic capabilities and, together with the ParsumView software, it has all features to meet the requirements of 21 CFR 11.

    Technical facts:

    • Measuring range Particle Size: ........... 50– 6000 μm 
    • Measuring range Particle Velocity: ..... 0.01– 50 m / s 
    • Certified for ATEX Zone 0 / 20 
    • Temperature range up to +100 °C at the measuring point
    • Determines volume and number-based distributions with an internal class width of 1 μm 
    Areas of application:
    • Continuous determination of the layer thickness and agglomerate content in pharmaceutical pellet coating in fluidized bed processes 
    • Identification of individual, large particles for the detection of screen breaks 
    • Determination of end point in high shear granulation 
    • Monitoring fluidized bed granulation to ensure batch to batch consistency 
    • Integration into PAT system for continuous fluidized bed granulation 
    • Measurement of the grain size in roller mills for setting the grinding gap 
    • Monitoring the particle size for controlling the layer height during fluidized bed drying 
    • Measurement of the particle size under a 3-deck screening machine to control the amount of feed
    • Detection of segregation at silo discharge
  • Inline Particle Probe IPP 70

    Product Inline Particle Probe IPP 70

    Inline Particle Probe IPP 70

    This universal in-line particle probe is designed for direct use in dense particle flows, in fluidized beds or similar processes. The IPP 70-S for use in Non-Explosive Environment is self-monitoring during the measurement. LEDs on site or signals to the process control system respectively will always enable the user to monitor the safe operation of all major components. The ATEX certified and intrinsically safe probe IPP 70-Se is designed to provide reliable particle measurements in explosive atmospheres. Direct measurements can be made in Zones 0 and 20. The very simple installation - without sampler, without bypass or similar system parts - allows an easy use in existing processes.

    Technical facts:
    • Measuring range Particle Size: ........... 50– 6000 μm 
    • Measuring range Particle Velocity: ..... 0.01– 50 m / s
    • Temperature range up to +100 °C at the measuring point 
    • Determines volume and number-based distributions with an internal class width of 1 μm
  • Parsum Process-Interfaces

    Product Parsum Process-Interfaces

    Parsum Process-Interface

    A wide range of accessories for process adjustment such as in-line dispersers or purge cells, used as a process interfaces, will facilitate adjustment to a variety of conditions.

    It is the ability to disperse the particle flow in the process vessel that sets the Parsum probes apart from other in-line measurement systems. It is only through in-line dispersion that it will be feasible to reliably determine the particle size in moist or sticky materials in a manner comparable to laboratory techniques.

  • Inline Particle Probe IPP 75

    Product Inline Particle Probe IPP 75

    Inline Particle Probe IPP 75

    The universal in-line particle probe IPP 75 is suitable for the measurement of particle size distributions in the processing of powders, granules and all granular materials ranging from 50 μm up to 6 mm. Particles in liquids and e.g. the droplet size distribution in sprays can be measured too. The IPP 75 continuously determines the particle size distribution, speed and particle concentration during the ongoing process. The measured values ​​are displayed as distributions, fractions or other parameters and are logged in a 24-hour log file or can be transferred to the process control system. The very simple installation - without sampler, without bypass or similar system parts - allows an easy use in existing process equipment or e.g. in pipelines, under conveyor belts, rotary valves, in mixers and on screeners etc. The new IPP 75 fills the gap between the basic models IPP 70 and the high-end pharmaceutical version IPP 80-P in the manufacturing program of the Parsum GmbH. With a new lighting concept, the IPP 75 can be delivered in any length, thus offering problem solutions for in-line particle measurement in large vessels as well as in difficult-to-access areas in the process. Self-diagnosis functions facilitate the use in automatically controlled processes and as a valuable component of new control and automation concepts.

    Technical facts:
    • Measuring range Particle Size: ........... 50– 6000 μm 
    • Measuring range Particle Velocity: ..... 0.01– 50 m / s
    • Temperature range up to +100 °C at the measuring point
    • Determines volume and number-based distributions with an internal class width of 1 μm
  • At-line Particle Measurement System

    Product At-line Particle Measurement System

    At-line Particle Measurement System

    The at-line particle measuring system is designed for usage near the production location and allows a quick and easy analysis of particle sizes of samples from various sampling points. From a cost perspective, it therefore is the ideal compromise for the simultaneous monitoring of several production lines or sampling points where the inline process-monitoring method is too complex or not feasible.

    The at-line system is made completely of stainless steel and has two clips for the attachment of an IPP 70 or IPP 80 inline particle-measuring probe. The cover plate features a vibratory conveyor for metered sample feeding with infinitely variable transport-speed adjustment.
    This makes it possible to set up a complete particle-measuring station in combination with the particle-measuring probe, a measuring PC including IPP measuring software and accessories. The technical specifications of the IPP 70 and IPP 80 inline particle-measuring probes can be found in the appropriate datasheets. There is also the option of connecting a suction device for additional dispersion or disposal of the sample material after the measurement has been performed.
  • Pharma Options for IPP probes

    Product Pharma Options for IPP probes

    Unfortunately there is no product description available in English for this product.
  • FZ1 liquid-measuring cell

    Product FZ1 liquid-measuring cell

    FZ1 liquid-measuring cell

    The FZ1 liquid-measuring cell is an accessory part that can be used with all Parsum probes in the IPP 70 and IPP 80 series. This cell makes it possible to measure the particle-size distribution in a fluid flowing through a glass tube. In this way, the probe does not come into contact with the product. The measurement is carried out through the glass tube without contamination. The measurement can be carried out continuously online by extracting the liquid from a process vessel or process line in a bypass flow, and feeding it through the probe’s measuring volume. The extracted product can also be diluted with water or other liquids following extraction before passing through the measuring volume. The glass tube in the measuring volume can be adjusted either by eccentric rotation, manually, or using a lever.
    Parsum provides you with a complete installation that has been adapted to your specific measuring conditions, together with a sampling system, dilution and pump (if necessary).

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