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Partnership formed to deliver effective biopharma industry testing

12 Feb 2020

Stevanato and Pfeiffer Vacuum will provide biopharma companies with advanced container closure integrity analysis and testing protocols.

Italian-based Stevanato Group has announced an agreement with Pfeiffer Vacuum Technologies to provide characterization testing of container-closure systems for the biopharma industry.

US-based Pfeiffer Vacuum Technologies specializes in leak testing and CCI technologies. The CCI analysis and testing services will take place at Stevanato Group’s state-of-the-art US Technology Excellence Center (TEC) due to open in Boston in Q3 2020.

Stevanato Group TEC site leader Abizer Harianawala said: “The TEC-Pfeiffer Vacuum agreement combines our extensive expertise in glass primary packaging testing with proven CCI testing solutions for the biopharma market.

“Over the years biopharma companies have been facing increasingly stricter standard requirements in terms of reliability of CCI testing. Working with Pfeiffer Vacuum Technologies will allow us to support the quality, integrity and effectiveness of sensitive drugs, preventing issues such as moisture, oxygen or microbial contamination.”

The TEC will provide analytical and testing services related to container closure systems and drug delivery devices, as well as delivering a set of customized analytics and testing services for biopharma companies’ drug formulation and manufacturing processes.

President at Pfeiffer Vacuum Technologies, Brian Pahl added: “Partnering Pfeiffer Vacuum’s industry leadership in CCI technologies with Stevanato Group’s strong experience of the biopharma industry and glass packaging testing is a win-win for both companies as well as packaging suppliers and creates a center of excellence in parenteral drug packaging.”

Thanks to a highly skilled and experienced team in the area of primary container testing and a wide network of partners, TEC will guide biopharma customers in choosing the best-suited container for their drug and provide consultancy for glass container-device integration.

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