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3 Dec 2012

Partnership leads to new technology for thermostable vaccine production

A novel technology could enable scientists to develop thermostable influenza vaccines.

Scientists at Bend Research, international non-profit organisation PATH and the Fraunhofer USA Centre for Molecular Biotechnology (FhCMB) have developed a new technology that enables the production of thermostable vaccines.

Their technology uses novel formulation and spray-drying processing methods, which have rarely been applied to the manufacture of vaccines until now.

The team has used the process to develop a spray-dried influenza vaccine product that is stable at 50 degrees Celsius for over two months - a feature that could prove invaluable for stockpiling vaccines for pandemic preparedness programmes or deploying vaccines in hard-to-reach areas of developing countries.

Rod Ray, chief executive officer of Bend Research, said: "As an industry leader in spray-drying and the formulation of biotherapeutics, we are excited to work with PATH and FhCMB to address the unmet need for thermostable flu vaccines in developing countries.

"This work aligns with our mission to advance the best new medicines to patients."

The partnership will now continue to work together to develop a commercially viable process for producing influenza vaccines using their novel technology.

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