Pep2Dia®: an innovative bioactive to delay the onset of type 2 diabetes

14 Aug 2019

Pep2Dia® is Ingredia’s new bioactive that regulates blood sugar levels after meals.

Pep2Dia® is a patented milk protein hydrolysate with an active dipeptide AP, specifically designed for prediabetes, to help manage blood sugar.

Pep2Dia®: an innovative bioactive to delay the onset of type 2 diabetes

AP peptide acts as an inhibitor of the alpha glucosidase. This digestive enzyme hydrolyses polysaccharides into glucose and allows absorption. Its inhibition lowers blood sugar levels.

Pep2Dia® is the result of extensive research and collaboration between Ingredia’s scientists and LIENSs-CNRS La Rochelle University in France.

Pep2Dia® has proven efficacy on glycaemia after meals.

Pre-clinical and clinical studies support Pep2Dia®’s action to reduce postprandial glycaemia with a significative effect versus the placebo.

Diabetes, a world public health concern.

Today more than 350 million people live with high blood sugar glucose2. In 5 to 10 years, if nothing is done, the people with prediabetes, who have a higher-than-normal glycaemia in the morning fasting, will become diabetic. Everywhere, diabetes is on the rise and affects 8.5% of the adult population.

Diabetes leads to adverse effects on health, and in the long run can affect eyes, kidneys, feet, cause heart conditions or stroke. This chronic disease is one of the causes of premature mortality but type 2 diabetes can be avoided because prediabetes is reversible!

To prevent Type 2 diabetes change your food habits, exercise and take … Pep2Dia®!