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Pepscan - Enable life-improving breakthroughs by mastering peptides
Pepscan is an all-in-one partner in peptides, building on 25 years of experience in advancing and applying peptide expertise to facilitate customers in the development and production of peptides. At its end-to-end facility in Lelystad, the Netherlands, Pepscan offers a range of patented technologies, phage display capabilities, a lead-optimization array platform, and production facilities for R&D- to GMP-grade peptides, including libraries and neoantigen vaccines. Among its patents is the CLIPS™ technology, which locks peptides into active conformations. For more information visit

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Products from Pepscan

  • Peptide lead optimization

    Product Peptide lead optimization

    Increasing peptide drug potency and improving pharmacokinetic properties through lead optimization of linear and CLIPS-constrained peptides -
    We have developed a diverse library of enhanced CLIPS molecules, which after incorporation can lead to improved peptide conformation as well as better pharmacokinetic properties. This addition directly affects the potency of lead drug candidates, for example through:
    • improved specificity,
    • complex stability, and
    • decreased elimination/clearance.
    Pepscan’s scientists build on over 25 years of experience. Our highly skilled project teams combine chemistry and biology expertise and are well-equipped to bring a peptide lead drug candidate to the next level.

  • Peptide discovery

    Product Peptide discovery

    Unique service for de novo discovery of the best peptide binders for your target protein of interest - Pepscan offers proprietary peptide technologies, peptide chemistry expertise and a strong track record in contract research and R&D collaborations to scientists looking for the best constrained peptide binders for their target protein of interest. We have developed a unique technology to discover new highly constrained peptides. By using our proprietary CLIPSTM technology, we generate highly constrained redox-stable peptides with enhanced affinity, selectivity and proteolytic stability suited for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Phage display facilitates the de novo discovery of peptides against any target of interest by exploring DNA-encoded peptide libraries. This powerful technology can screen libraries of billions of different peptides in less than four weeks.

  • Personalized Peptides for Neoantigen Vaccines

    Product Personalized Peptides for Neoantigen Vaccines

    Robust timelines, extensive knowledge and experience and redundant set-up in our all-in-one facility make us the reliable personalized peptide supplier - The usage of synthetically produced tumor-specific neoantigen peptides in cancer vaccines is a rapidly growing and highly promising therapeutic field in cancer treatment. Preparing neoantigen peptides demands the highest level of care and reliability in terms of tailoring to the patient’s specifications and timely delivery for their care. Owing to our thorough expertise in peptide chemistry and our role as critical partner in multiple clinical trial projects, Pepscan knows what it takes to be a world-class partner in this field.
  • Lipidated peptides

    Product Lipidated peptides

    Combining smart peptide science and flexible manufacturing capabilities conform GMP - A therapeutic peptide’s pharmacokinetic properties can be improved by linking it to a lipid tail. This form of post-synthesis modification results in a longer life time of the peptide, which increases the chance of clinical success significantly. Pepscan employs some of the industry’s finest chemists capable of applying their expertise in the fields of peptide synthesis to link the standardized or tailored lipid tail to your peptides. Our technology is based on unique chemical methods to connect the hydrophobic units to peptides in an intelligent manner. Use of this technology while performing HPLC purification avoids challenges.
  • Peptides for nuclear medicine - Theranostics - Readiopharmaceuticals

    Product Peptides for nuclear medicine - Theranostics - Readiopharmaceuticals

    Radiopharmaceuticals that combine smart peptide technologies with flexible GMP conform manufacturing capabilities - Pepscan employs some of the industry’s finest chemists to design the radiolabeled peptides fit for your purpose. Pepscan has a proven track record in the field of radiopharmaceuticals and synthesized precursors for radiolabeled peptides suitable for a wide range of applications. Next to existing peptides for customers, Pepscan also produces peptides emerging from our Peptide Discovery services. These services utilize our unique CLIPS™ phage display platform to discover highly constrained de novo peptides with enhanced affinities, selectivities and proteolytic stabilities.

  • GMP peptides

    Product GMP peptides

    Combining smart peptide science and flexible manufacturing capabilities conform GMP - From early R&D to clinical peptides supply, Pepscan’s team of experts is passionate about devising a customized synthesis plan to meet your needs. We assist you in progressing your peptide project through the various stages of development towards clinical application and commercialization. Our employees are closely involved in the challenges of our customers and go that extra mile to consistently ensure in-time delivery of results and products. The lean processes and structures we have in place meet  pharmaceutical industry standards and gives us the agility to make your clinical trial into a success story.
  • Custom peptide synthesis

    Product Custom peptide synthesis

    Pepscan provides a full spectrum of high quality custom peptide services that ranges from peptide synthesis and peptide modifications to high-throughput synthesis and screening of peptide libraries. From early R&D to clinical peptides supply, Pepscan’s team of experts is passionate about devising a customized synthesis plan to meet your needs. With over 25 years of expertise in custom peptide synthesis, Pepscan is a leading global and high-quality peptide synthesis supplier. We have successfully synthesized 100,000’s of custom peptides for biotech and large pharma companies as well as academic customers. Pepscan is a peptide provider by consistently meeting the highest standards for quality, custom service, and technical expertise.

Pepscan Resources

  • News Pepscan supports Ardigen ImmuMap research collaboration with its neoantigen peptide synthesis capabilities

    Pepscan will use its 25 years of experience in peptide synthesis to deliver large quantities of custom neoantigen peptides to the research collaboration between Ardigen and Immumap. ImmuMap will perform the experimental validation of T-cell receptors towards newly identified neoantigens of solid-tumor patients using Pepscan’s neoantigen peptides. The outcome will accelerate Ardigen’s TCR-based therapy discovery and development using artificial intelligence.
  • Brochure Pepscan - Enabling life-improving breakthroughs by mastering peptides

    Combining smart peptide science and flexible manufacturing capabilities conform GMP - Over the last few years, we have made tremendous efforts and investments in building our GMP capabilities at our Dutch all-in-one facility. Starting from GMP production of neoantigen vaccines at microgram scale, we have rapidly expanded to GMP production at gram scale, building on our 25-year track record in peptides. This has also increased our flexibility so we can deliver batches based on our customers’ timelines.
  • News Viewpoint Molecular Targeting® Partners with Industry Leader Pepscan to Accelerate Peptide Discovery Program

    Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, Inc., a radiopharmaceutical company developing precision lead-212-based α-particle oncology therapeutics and complementary diagnostic imaging agents, today announced it has entered into a collaborative partnership with Netherlands-based Pepscan Therapeutics B.V., the all-in-one peptide service provider with proprietary peptide constraining technologies.
  • News Pepscan doubles GMP production capacity to facilitate clients’ growth

    Today, Pepscan announced that its GMP production capacity has doubled. Pepscan is an all-in-one partner in peptides, building on 25 years of experience in advancing and applying peptide expertise to facilitate clients in the development and production of peptides. The doubled GMP production capacity enables Pepscan to guarantee short production timelines. It also gives clients the benefit of collaborating with a single expert partner on the way from R&D to the clinic, resulting in maximum efficiency while also saving time. Specifically, researchers active in personalized peptide medicine, where both timelines and flexibility are key, will benefit from these new developments.
  • News “Pepscan has been the reliable expert partner for us with the right capacities to start our clinical journey”

    Annually thousands of pharma and biotech companies launch a clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of their potential new therapeutic or diagnostic tool. “It is very exciting being able to enter the clinic. Therefore, we were looking for a reliable expert partner who is able to manufacture our complex conjugate-peptide that conforms to GMP standards."
  • News CLIPS™ technology: “Powerful, elegant, and full of potential”

    Mastering peptides can enable life-improving breakthroughs in the life sciences. Constraining peptides in well-defined 3D conformations is a powerful method. Pepscan developed a surprisingly simple, yet elegant principle to do so. Its CLIPS™ technology can create mono-, bi- and, in combination with click chemistry, even up to hexa-cyclic formats. “A super powerful tool. We know this from our own work, and it has been proven as well by Bicycle Therapeutics, to whom we grant...