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Since 1997, Peptron has developed platform technologies for peptide-based medicines. In line with proprietary technologies, we are developing sustained-release (SR) medications that extend the release profile of the drug from weekly to monthly. Smart Depot™ brings the initial research process to the final medication development and successful commercialization phase with a high technological entrance barrier and excellent product competitiveness, which enables us to expand our business and cooperate with global pharmaceutical partners.

Smart Depot technology: Sustained-release (SR) technology without modification of API to extend the release profile and to enhance the efficacy via high BBB penetration rate. 

  • PT320/PT302: Sustained-release Exenatide for the treatment of Parkinson's disease, levodopa-induced dyskinesia, other neurodegenerative diseases, and T2DM/diabetes.
  • PT105 (SR-Leuprolide)
  • SR-Nafamostat (Covid19)

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