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8 Nov 2021

Persistent Pain? Discover the new FIT Therapy Vest

FIT Therapy VEST - News 2022!

Come and visit us! Discover the new FIT Therapy VEST, a t-shirt against musculoskeletal pain, suitable for those who suffer from chronic pain.

FIT THERAPY VEST is born from the desire to provide a simple and safe solution to protect the health of those suffering in particular from recurring pain of musculoskeletal origin, which includes a wide spectrum of conditions with various related symptoms, including pain, stiffness and other conditions that can negatively affect the quality of life of patients.

Through the FIT Therapy technology incorporated in the print on the back of the garment, FIR rays, normally emitted through the dispersion of body heat, are reflected and reabsorbed by the body, promoting general musculoskeletal well-being by increasing microcirculation.

The graphics developed to treat at the same time several points, make this product suitable in cases of cervicalgia, lumbago, shoulder pain and contractures, arthritis, arthrosis, spinal problems and joint inflammation.

FIT THERAPY VEST is designed to improve people’s physical well-being by acting directly on pain and promoting functional recovery.

Some plus:

  • It does not contain drugs;
  • Low therapeutic cost;
  • Up to 300 washes max. 40°C;
  • Made with top-quality technical-sports fabric.

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