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Pfizer sells biologics manufacturing facility in Adelaide

1 Sep 2020

Bridgewest to develop the site into a full-service contract development and manufacturing organization.

The Bridgewest Group, a private investment company, has purchased Pfizer's biologics manufacturing facility in Adelaide, Australia.

Hospira Adelaide, an affiliate of Pfizer Inc., will continue to operate the facility under a leaseback arrangement from Bridgewest Australia Real Estate until Q3 of 2021, at which time Bridgewest will assume full operational responsibility for the facility and colleagues.

The Adelaide facility has the manufacturing capability, staff expertise, and supporting systems to execute cGMP grade manufacturing and testing of microbial-based products, including proteins, vaccines, and plasmids from development stage through to commercialization.

The facility has experience as a multi-product CDMO (contract development and manufacturing organization) which, under Bridgewest's ownership, will be further developed and expanded.

Bridgewest intends to invest in mammalian cell production, cell and gene therapy, as well as expanding current capabilities for microbial and vaccine production.

As a result of the growing demand for generic medicines and biologics, the capital-intensive nature of the business, and the complex manufacturing requirements, many pharmaceutical companies have identified the potential profitability in contracting with a CMO (contract manufacturing outsourcing) for both clinical and commercial stage manufacturing, and now with heavy demands on existing cGMP manufacturing facilities for COVID-19 therapeutics and vaccines, there is a high demand for qualified and well-equipped commercial cGMP facilities.

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