Product description

The lifting column PH LIFT is the machine with the biggest level of customization produced by Pharma Handling System. PH LIFT is designed for handling several containers or machineries in pharmaceutical, chemical and food Industries. The machine can easily and safely lift a container to the suitable height for the requested function.
The models of PH LIFT are:
Ø  Mobile version up to 300kg and 3000mm lifting stroke
Ø  Mobile version up to 1000kg and 3000mm lifting stroke
Ø  Fixed MINI up to 300kg
Ø  Fixed MIDI up to 500kg or 900kg with upper support
Ø  Fixed MAXI up to 2500kg including the upper support
Features of PH LIFT Column:
›          Main motor group placed at the column base for an easy maintenance
›          Fine satin-finishing of the stainless-steel parts for an easy cleaning
›          Lifting by high resistance chain
›          Load cell for weight over 900kg
›          Control system by PLC for the maximum flexibility
The lifting arm can be configured in several ways, depending on the requirements:
›          Clamp system for drums
›          Clamp system for IBC lifting
›          Lifting and rotating fork for containers with frame
›          IBC Lifting Platform
›          Container clamping structure for blending
The control panel, integrated in the frame of PH LIFT column, manages all operations, alarms, process parameters, work cycles. (It is possible to have a remote-control panel as optional)
Some possible option for the PH Lift is:
›          Column body rotation on its axis
›          Front arm rotation
›          IBC valve automatic opening
›          Frontal stainless-steel protection band
›          Vibration on the lifting arm
›          Container blending group with single or double inclination
›          Validation documents
›          Electric power different from standard

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