Pharma Grade Aerosols and Sprays

30 Mar 2020

Are you looking for a partner to produce your pharmaceutical spray products?

Our contract manufacturing process will soon include GMP pharma, offering the production of pharmaceutical aerosol products, next to medical devices, for which we are ISO13485:2016 certified.

Pharma Grade Aerosols and Sprays

We will provide manufacturing and packaging, according to your marketing authorization. Moreover, we are investing to also provide manufacturing of clinical batches and scale-up.

Additionally, we will provide regulatory support and quality control, according to GMP pharma.

Construction of our new pharmaceutical site started in 2019, according to the most recent criteria established by competent authorities (AIFA and EMA in Italy), in collaboration with internationally recognized consultancy companies. Our goal is to apply for the authorisation by AIFA by the end of the year.

Our new site includes a completely new filling line, dedicated only to pharmaceutical aerosol products, which will permit the production of medicinal finished products in spray form.

For further information please contact us.