3 May 2021

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Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic and medical device companies trust West and our ability to deliver consistent high-quality and technologically advanced containment and delivery solutions. We share their commitment to improving health for patients worldwide.

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  • Sponsored Content Rise in home-based healthcare shaping pharma packaging and drug delivery

    The pharma packaging and drug delivery industry has long been synonymous with rapid innovation. As medicine advances and patient needs change, so too should drug packaging and devices.  

    This has been particularly evident during the pandemic, when one growing issue was brought into sharp relief – the need for remote treatment options.  

  • Brochure 4040/40 Forumulation

    4040/40 delivers reliability and functionality that comes from a scientifically developed formulation paired with West's nearly 100 year leadership in injectable drug containment and administration.
  • Whitepaper West Elastomer Stoppers with Flurotec®️ film are the right choice for SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines

    Download our white paper to learn more about why West Elastomer Stoppers with Flurotec®️ film are the right choice for SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines
  • Webinar Packaging Biologics: The Limits of Incumbent Materials?

    In this webinar, originally broadcast as part of Pharmapack Europe, Peter J. Schmitt, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Montesino talks about the future of engineering and the limits of commodity plastics in biopharma packaging. As the challenge of Extractables and Leachables continues to grow, complex gas and chemical barrier issues expand, can incumbent materials meet the challenge, or is it time for engineering grade polymers to advance in the marketplace?
  • Webinar Dynamics and Future Perspective of High-Volume Subcutaneous Drug Delivery

    In this webinar, originally broadcast as part of the Pharmapack Europe show, speaker Asmita Khanolkar, Senior Director, Cambridge Pharma, SMC discusses: New Outlook for Combination Products Challenges and Gaps in High-Dose/Volume Drug Delivery, and Potential Solutions Enabling Autoinjector Technology for unmet needs and patient benefits Integrated development approach for rapid development of novel therapies
  • Webinar Regulatory Dynamics and Future Perspective of Drug-Device Combination Products

    In this webinar, originally broadcast as part of Pharmapack Europe 2022, Hélène Boland, Associate, Hogan Lovells International LLP discusses: The need for Ensuring Compliant and integrated Development, Manufacture and Lifecycle Management for Innovative Drug--Device combination Products Regulatory review and evaluation of the safety and efficacy of combination products Consider the Challenges and Opportunities of Drug-Device Combination Products
  • Webinar Selecting Optimal Prefilled Syringe Components for COVID-19 Vaccines

    In this webinar, originally broadcast as part of the Pharmapack Europe show, Christa Jansen-Otten, Director of Technical Product Development, West Pharmaceutical Services discusses the unprecedented need for COVID-19 vaccines demand accelerated drug development processes and the potential use of new vaccine platform technologies, which both pose risks to drug development. The use of a barrier like FluroTec® film laminated onto the elastomer plunger can help to minimize vaccine product prefilled syringe storage and administration risks. FluroTec® film, which is based upon poly (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene), has chemical properties that reduce migration of leachables into the vaccine and can reduce interaction with the vaccine. Plungers with FluroTec® film enable consistent delivery volume and break-loose and glide-force performance over a range of vaccine formulation viscosities. These plungers are globally available, approved with a variety of molecule types by multiple agencies, and are offered in 1mL long and 1-3mL sizes. This presentation will discuss how these features mitigate risks for a COVID-19 vaccine in a prefilled syringe.
  • Webinar Navigating the Journey from Drug Containment to Combination Products

    In this webinar, originally broadcast as part of the Pharmapack Europe show, Tomer El- Gad, Director, Business Development, Combination Products and Marc Uerdingen, Director Technical Customer Support Europe, from West Pharmaceutical Services discusses: Understanding market requirements especially the newly implemented MDR regulation impacts on combination products. Analytical testing, supporting documents, and solutions to simplify the process and support device reliability and robustness. Steps to de-risking drug and device integration. Strategies to de-risk combination product development & commercialization projects.
  • Webinar mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine From Vial to Pre-Filled Syringe

    In this webinar, originally broadcast as part of the Pharmapack Europe show, speakers Marc Uerdingen, Director Technical Customer Support Europe and Tomer El-Gad, Director, Business Development, Combination Products, West Pharmaceuticals Services discuss how the mRNA technology has emerged as one of the hottest new drug therapeutics. This is not only seen with current COVID-19 vaccines, but also the richly filled pipeline in other prophylactive vaccines and cancer treatments. Two potential challenges which could restrict the adoption rate of this technology are the cumbersome low temperature supply chain and the mRNA carrier stability. These two aspects also influence the choice of the right primary packaging. This session will cover the results from internal studies on pre-fillable syringes. Data package on CCI, functionality Sterility Siliconization performance Sub-visible particles, breakage and optical properties for different temperatures from -20°C, -50°C to -80°C Container - Drug interaction studies with mRNA specific placebo solutions