PharmaLinea develops and manufactures clinically supported private label food supplements, fit for best-quality brands and promotion through medical detailing. Our portfolio covers iron deficiency, immunity, urinary tract, pregnancy, and other health areas. Our products are present in over 40 markets worldwide and several have achieved market-leading positions. Companies from global groups, such as Stada or Teva, choose us because our products provide differentiation and the accompanying clinical evidence convinces doctors. We are one of the 15 leading companies in the Vitafoods Steering Committee and recipients of a NutraIngredients Award. We take pride in basing our products on sound clinical evidence and even conducting best-quality clinical trials on our finished products, as we believe this is the way forward for the supplement industry.

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Products from PHARMALINEA D.O.O. (10)

  • Your K2+D3 Spray

    Product Your K2+D3 Spray

    Highly bioavailable combination of vitamins K2 and D3 in a convenient spray. 

    Product stability at the end of the shelf-life achieved in a liquid form without preservatives. Innovative spray form with adjustable dosing and great minty taste. Formulated with best-in-class sour...
  • Your Pregnancy Softgels

    Product Your Pregnancy Softgels

    The leading pregnancy food supplement in several very different markets. 

    Best quality sources of DHA, folate, iron, vitamins and minerals, all developed in a single daily dose. Proven stability at the end of shelf-life - unique in the pregnancy supplement market. With Qfolate – the most bioav...
  • Your Acute stress Sachets

    Product Your Acute stress Sachets

    Highly clinically supported and specifically targeted food supplement. 

    Ideal for brands focused on medical detailing to seize the recently booming stress market opportunity. Developed to provide stress symptom relief through multiple defined mechanisms and to strengthen the body’s ability...
  • Your Good Night Syrup

    Product Your Good Night Syrup

    A natural, efficient, and safe food supplement for children’s sleep support without addiction or side effects. 

    Based on Qnight, an innovative ingredient with clinically proven efficacy. Clear differentiation in a market full of herbal commodities due to abundant clinical support. Great re...
  • Your Iron Syrup

    Product Your Iron Syrup

    The number 1 iron food supplement in several markets. 

    A highly efficient, great tasting product without side effects and with efficacy proven by a gold standard clinical trial on 85 children. The trial showed the syrup is able to increase ferritin levels by 69% and thus help iron-deficient ...
  • Your Back pain Capsules

    Product Your Back pain Capsules

    Neuro-regenerative and pain-relieving food supplement formulation with efficiency confirmed by great user feedback from the market. 

    Targeting neuronal damage, the underlying cause of neuropathic pain, and not only symptom relief. Based on Qspine - a proprietary complex and result of extensive...
  • Your Immuniq Capsules

    Product Your Immuniq Capsules

    A clinically supported preventive immunity complex. 

    Based on breakthrough ingredient Qimmune, providing differentiation and abundant clinical support in a market full of commodity herbals. It supports the overall immune system through several synergistic mechanisms. Wide range of functions: c...
  • Your Immuniq Syrup

    Product Your Immuniq Syrup

    A clinically supported preventive immunity complex for children. 

    Based on breakthrough ingredient Qimmune, it supports the overall immune system through several synergistic mechanisms. Wide range of functions: cold and flu symptom reduction, anti-inflammatory action and prebiotic gut health ...
  • Your Iron Forte Capsules

    Product Your Iron Forte Capsules

    The number 1 iron food supplement in several markets. 

    It achieves doctors' support and high consumer retention rates in so many different markets because of its absence of side effects and high bioavailability, enabled by a superior iron source and proprietary product matrix technology...
  • Your UTI Free Sachets

    Product Your UTI Free Sachets

    Natural food supplement alternative for UTI prevention or acute use. 

    Abundant clinical support, stability data, and a relevant dose facilitate medical detailing and ensure support by urologists. Developed using the leading cranberry ingredient with a unique extraction and delivery system....

PHARMALINEA D.O.O. Resources (4)

  • News >Your< Iron Syrup clinical trial published

    >Your< Iron Syrup is now clinically proven to increase ferritin levels in iron-deficient children by 69%, thus enabling them to avoid anemia. The study, published in MDPI Nutrients, is the first to show anemia in iron-deficient children can be avoided through supplementation.

  • Brochure PharmaLinea Brief Presentation

    A brief overview of PharmaLinea. In the presentation we answer questions such as "Why our products?", "Why our service?" and "Why our partnerships work?".
  • Brochure PharmaLinea Portfolio

    An overview of PharmaLinea's portfolio of clinically supported private label food supplements.
  • Video Partnership with PharmaLinea

    Our Business Development Director Jernej Klopčič interviewed on who are PharmaLinea's partners, why they choose us, and why they are successful with our products.