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Established in 2003 and led by Chairman Andrea Lacorte and Vice Chairman Roberto Lacorte, PharmaNutra develops unique food supplements and innovative medical devices, taking care of the entire production process, from proprietary raw materials to the finished product. The effectiveness of the products is demonstrated by a number of scientific evidences, including more than 140 publications.
The Group distributes and sells in Italy and abroad. In Italy, the sales activity is carried out through a network of over 150 Scientific Sales Representatives at the service of the medical class, also dedicated to the exclusive marketing of PharmaNutra products to pharmacies throughout the country. Sales abroad are guaranteed in over 50 countries through 41 partners selected among the leading pharmaceutical companies. With its products distributed worldwide, in less than 20 years PharmaNutra has succeeded in making its mark as a leading player in the iron-based oral nutritional supplements market, where it boasts major patents linked to the Sucrosomial® Technology, and it is also considered to be one of the emerging top players in the sector of medical devices for the recovery of joint capacity.
Over the years, the Group has developed a specific strategy for the management and production of intellectual property, based on the integrated management of all components: proprietary raw materials, patents, trademarks and clinical evidence.

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Products from Pharmanutra SpA

  • Cetilar®

    Product Cetilar®

    Cetilar® is a line of products developed to reduce pain symptoms caused by trauma to joints and muscles, such as strains, bruises, sprains or contractures. Cetilar® is available in three different formulations: topical cream, patch and tape. 

    All products are based on a patented complex of hi...
  • SiderAL® Forte

    Product SiderAL® Forte

    SiderAL® Forte is a food supplement containing Sucrosomial® Iron (Sideral® r.m.) and Vitamin C, which is useful in cases of dietary deficiencies or increased body needs for requirements for these nutrients.

    Sideral® r.m. contained in SiderAL® FORTE is an iron protected with Sucrosomial® Techno...
  • SiderAL® Folic

    Product SiderAL® Folic

    SiderAL® Folic is a food supplement containing Sucrosomial® Iron (Sideral® r.m.), suitable for women of all ages. It is useful when iron requirements are expected to increase or when iron supplementation is required, even for long periods of time.

    Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamins B12, B6 and Quatrefo...
  • SiderAL Gocce Int.

    Product SiderAL Gocce Int.

    SiderAL® Gocce Int. is a food supplement containing Sucrosomial® Iron (Sideral® r.m.) which is useful for addressing dietary deficiencies or increased body needs for iron, especially in newborns and children.
    The Sucrosomial® technology employed in the production of SiderAL® Gocce Int. enables iron to...
  • ApportAL®

    Product ApportAL®

    ApportAL® is a complete nutritional supplement containing as many as 19 nutrients, each one performing a specific action in our body. Among these, the five minerals contained in ApportAL® (Selenium, Iron, Zinc, Iodine and Magnesium) have been developed using the innovative Sucrosomial®&nbs...
  • UltraMag®

    Product UltraMag®

    UltraMag® is a nutritional supplement based on Sucrosomial® Magnesium useful to address dietary deficiencies or increased organic needs of this nutrient. It is the only Sucrosomial® Magnesium-based supplement that guarantees 100% RNV of Magnesium (recommended nutritional value) in a single...

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